"Where Kids Learn to Learn"

In 1973, Alan King graduated from Wright State University with his Master's Degree and a desire to work for himself. His young son Eric was just 3 and had been spending his days at a local daycare while his mom worked. While considering his next move, Alan thought about starting a preschool. He got along well with kids and felt as though he wanted to do something that would be useful to humankind that could also pay the bills.
He began searching for a place in the country that could be converted to a preschool on one floor and provide living space on the second floor. After several false starts and several months of hunting, he found a reasonable priced farmhouse on 2 1/2 acres of land and made an offer.
To make long story short, today Alan and his wife Karen are still operating a family style daycare center from the lower floor of their much expanded and renovated 1900's farmhouse. The 2 1/2 acres are now split between playgrounds, playfields, and a one acre woods with 35 year old walnuts and pines. Young Eric is now the 40 year old father of two of our grandchildren, who now come to Kiddie Kingdom.

Alan says, "We still try to provide the kind of care that we would want for our own children or grandchildren. We are small enough to know each child personally. We care about the kids and try to be a good partner in educating them. We encourage exploration, art, and freedom of expression while insiting on good manners and good behavior."

We appreciate that you are willing to trust us with the most precious things that you will ever have, the childhood years of your children. We will work hard every day to earn that thust.